In October I was far too disorganised to put any Halloween decorations up or to carve a pumpkin. We didn’t decorate the front of the house with lights at Christmas, either. The mum guilt was real. Well, now I’m trying to make up for it with our window display for Window Wanderland.

Window Wanderland an event where participants can dress their windows with fun designs, for passers by to enjoy. It’s a Covid-friendly way of connecting people and getting people involved in their local community, from the comfort and safety of their own homes. From the 6th to 12th March, participants in Rugby will be transforming their streets into magical outdoor art galleries.

Window Wanderland Map
Click on the map above to find out which Rugby addresses are taking part.

The window display festival takes place throughout the country and allows towns and villages to organise their own event. Last week was Coventry’s turn.

Dragging young children out for a walk is no easy feat. But, Window Wanderland makes it that little bit easier. I’ve included some of my favourite designs for children below. Just, WOW! See if you can spot the three references to children’s stories below.

No pressure, then!

So, what design will I be creating for our own window display? If you know my 20 month old daughter, Indie, at all then you know that is just has to be Peppa Pig! I’m currently spending my evenings coming up with a design that is more than satisfactory. If you can tell that it’s Peppa at the end, then that will be a huge bonus!

I can’t wait to see what our neighbours come up with. Some of them really go all out at Christmas! I’ll share my design with you in this post very soon. Wish me luck!

EDIT – I’ve included photos of our Peppa Pig creation below. It looks good from afar!

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